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Preparing your filling station business plan is the next step after a successful due diligence is concluded.

Finmil cannot overemphasise the importance of a one-of-a-kind business plan. Bear in mind that the oil company will receive numerous applications for a specific site. Only a selected few will be considered for an interview and presentation.

Your business plan will be your first line of approach to the oil company, introducing yourself, your organisation and management, your marketing approach, and your business strategies. Your business plan will have to convince the oil company that you will be the right choice and that you will add value to their brand.

Finmil as the leader in the industry must be your first choice in assisting you to prepare your filling-station business plan. Sub-standard business plans will be a waste of your time and money.

The Finmil filling station business plan package includes the following

1.  A comprehensive and well-motivated business plan based on a thorough understanding of the industry;

2.  Five-year projected cash flows;

3.  Assistance with your oil company application;

4.  A PowerPoint presentation to be used at the interview; and

5.  A coaching session on what to expect and how to handle the interview.

To write the perfect plan, you must have intimate knowledge of your company, your product, your competition, and the market. Finmil is the answer.

Filling station business plans prepared by Finmil will suit the requirements of oil companies, financial institutions, and the Department of Minerals and Energy.

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