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Services provided to current dealers owning filling stations

Additional Working Capital Needed

Are you running your site with cash-flow restraints?

Did you buy your site with a deposit or is it paid in full?

Have you owned the site for more than three years?

If your cash flow is restricted and your answer is yes to any of the above questions!


Finmil has secured additional institutional finance for dealers who qualify. No tangible assets or security are needed. We can assist in securing the additional working capital you need to effectively run your site using equity currently vested in your business.

Working capital for a filling station
Filling station profitability

Facilitating the Sale of Your Site

We offer a proper approved valuation with a due diligence, taking cognisance of your annual financial statements for the last two years.

Our proposed sale agreements will ensure that all your risk as outgoing dealer is mitigated.

Strategic Capital Gains Tax Planning

The reality is that 80 percent of existing dealers will sell their sites in the future.

Be progressive and plan your sale, legally reducing your capital gains tax.

Filling station due diligence

As an industry leader and expert, Finmil can assist you as a current filling station owner in any of the above. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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