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Our three Engen petrol stations have been under the financial care of Finmil for four years and we are satisfied with the financial model they developed for our businesses. They have not only dealt with our accounts quickly and efficiently, but they provide wonderful support whenever we need clarification on accounting matters. We highly recommend Finmil accountants to those who are seeking professional and ethical accounting.

Finmil prepares monthly management accounts and VAT returns for our company. It is a pleasure to work with a team of professionals who know what they are doing. Not only do they deliver a set of management accounts, but they also advise you on how to run your service-station business. Thank you so much, French, for the professionalism that you offer.

Finmil was part and parcel of my takeover from day one. Their team is professional and highly competent. My financial statements are of the highest quality, always on time and correct. My finance institution has expressed the highest level of appreciation for the quality of their work.

Finmil is an extremely hands-on accounting firm. They want to see their clients prosper. You are not merely a number on their books. You are part of the family, and you will experience them caring for you and the well-being of your business. Finmil puts time and energy into helping you achieve your financial goals.

Finmil’s understanding of the fuel retail industry is very good, which is evident from their efficient methods, be it concerning returns, valuations, management, or auditing. From the outset, management and crew have always been available to answer any questions. I appreciate the fact that at the end of each month I can rely absolutely on the accuracy of their management accounts, which in turn helps me to properly focus on managing my business.

I would like to commend Finmil. This extremely professional company has helped me restructure my business to the benefit of all concerned. We have reported a year-to-year growth of over 37 per cent because of Finmil.

Finmil offers a one-stop financial/tax/salary service with the highest level of expertise in administering my company’s financial health and reconciliations.

Finmil is a professional organisation with a highly skilled workforce. They are easy to work with, understand the nature of my business, and deliver service excellence.

I had dealings with Mr. French van Heerden regarding the valuation and proposed sale of my business in April 2019. He is a true professional concerning valuations and capital gains tax, and I will entrust him with all future dealings. I was fortunate that a person of this calibre crossed paths with me.

I appreciate what Finmil has done for my site. The company displays a high standard of professionalism and its knowledge of financial reporting for the industry is outstanding.

Absa and Finmil have been long-lasting partners in assisting service-station owners. Finmil has a wealth of knowledge in assisting service-station owners with financial compliance for their businesses. The company is therefore our preferred choice for monitoring, controlling, and mentoring new-to-industry retailers. Through our partnership, we have managed to assist a number of service-station owners in becoming successful business operators.

I would like to affirm my sincerest appreciation for the professional service I get from Wian. He goes out of his way to meet the client’s needs. I do not hesitate to speak highly of your company to other people as you always try your utmost best to maintain your standards.

Finmil has done numerous forensic audits and valuations for me. They are super-efficient and highly competent. They also developed the industry-first Engen Filling Station Benchmarking as well as a RSD20 model for our network managers.

Finmil fulfills an indispensable function in the petroleum retail sector, with spectacular results, and it has been doing so for many years. Finmil identified the need for an advisory and specialised service provider at a time when few had the foresight and appetite to do so. The company established the platform that was clearly missing from the industry. Finmil has undoubtedly established itself as the leading entity in this field of expertise, and I have over time widely promoted and recommended its services, without hesitation.

I have dealt with Finmil for many years and can confirm that their service, professionalism, and work ethic is superb.

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